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How Custom T-shirts can help you in Advertising?

Posted by on Jan 2, 2017

The T Shirt came out in the open from being an undergarment to being an outer wear due to the designs placed on the apparel’s front or back. Photos, images, designs, logos and letters served as tools of expression by T Shirt Printing businesses.

Although T Shirts with prints have been a common marketing tool of major consumer companies such as Coca-Cola and Walt Disney since the 1970s, since the 1990s, most companies include T Shirts of all sizes with their corporate logo or message as part of their overall advertising campaign. It makes sense, because whenever people wore those T Shirts, they become walking human billboards for the company and its various products.

From products, T Shirts became advertising venues for designer brands such as Calvin Klein, FUBU, Ralph Lauren and The Gap.

Other popular images on T Shirts include representation of rock bands, images of actors, logos and quotes from movies or TV shows. The T Shirts that actors used in their films also became popular items such as that used by character Bubba Gump in Forrest Gump and the Vote for Pedro apparel used in Napoleon Dynamite.

The trend since the start of the new millennium is for T Shirts with slogans and designs that are humorous or ironic, particularly with its use by celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Some prints, however, are deemed offensive, pornographic or shocking. One example is the cartoon images of couples in varying sex positions or the different kinds of male sex organs.

One popular print among tourists to remind them of having visited a particular city is the humorous phrase “I did so much and all I got was this lousy T Shirt online. There are variations such as: My parents went to Colorado and all I got was this lousy T Shirt.

Another one is to commemorate a special historical event such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EDSA Revolution in the Philippines or the Occupy Wall Street movements with the phrase – I survived a Tsunami.

T Shirts are also common tools of political expressions, particularly in countries where dissent is suppressed through military means. In such places, people instead wore printed T Shirts with their sentiments about certain politicians or officials or issues emblasoned to express their support for a cause or person or disgust with particularly personalities, institutions or policies.

In some cases, a particular color of a T Shirt, accompanied by some text or logo, is used to support a political group. People or groups that are often not allowed to openly protest such as government or private employees wear black T Shirts with some messages to air their grievance or displeasure.

In the Philippines, prior to the People Power of 1986, forces loyal to then President Ferdinand Marcos wore red T Shirts with the dictator’s image on the front of the shirt, while the groups affiliated with his opponent, then opposition leader Corazon Aquino, wore yellow T Shirts with her image or the letter L sign to represent the name of the group called Laban (or fight) printed.

T Shirts certainly are very creative ways of expressing one’s thoughts, ideas and emotions, but at the same time very good business ventures for companies engaged in T Shirt Printing.